A Buddy's Nice When You’re Down1

A Buddy’s Nice When You’re Down

A Buddy’s Nice When You’re Down Nice to have a buddy when you’re down and out… A big fluffy Golden Retriever and a tabby cat – where the Goldie is wearing the cone of shame but his feline friend keeps him company by snuggling next to him in da hood. Maybe it should be called the cone of friendship! When ...

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On The Porch1

On The Porch

On The Porch This Lynx decided to pay a visit at home outside its porch, strolling about. JoAnn Cunningham was relaxing at her South Hillside home in Anchorage when she spotted something outside – a lynx! Her cat and Schnauzer were inside the house at the time while the curious Lynx visited her home. Lynx are rarely seen in the wild, so it ...

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Cats Love Thanksgiving 30

Cats Love Thanksgiving

These Cats Love Thanksgiving! The food, the festivities, the food…did we mention the food? Cats also Love getting into costume for Thanksgiving. Take a look and enjoy!   Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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Enjoying His Bath1

Enjoying His Bath

Enjoying His Bath This little rescue kitty surprised everyone how chill he was when he got his first bath. “His name is Francis. His legal ‘birth certificate’ name is Lord Francis of Pleasant View,” Greater Androscoggin Humane Society told us. Francis the kitty was rescued from the streets. When he arrived in Greater Androscoggin Humane Society, he was due for a ...

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Cuddle Buddy for Life1

Cuddle Buddy For Life

Cuddle Buddy For Life When the little baby boy found his furry best friend, he hugged and held onto him so dearly that nothing else mattered to him in this world. He has his best friend by his side. That little smile on his face is priceless. Dallas E. and his family adopted Puma the cat almost 10 years ago. ...

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Kitty Therapy, It Looks Like Heaven!1

Kitty Therapy, It Looks Like Heaven!

Kitty Therapy, It Looks Like Heaven! This man is getting some kitty therapy from 10 rescue cats. It looks a bit like heaven! 🙂 Cats really are the best medicine! … I recently visited The Cat House on the Kings, a non profit sanctuary in California that’s home to over 700 rescued cats! Chris, human dad of Cole and Marmalade, ...

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Cat Stuck In Maple Tree For Days1

Cat Stuck In Maple Tree For Days

Cat Stuck In Maple Tree For Days This man climbed a large maple tree to rescue a tuxedo cat who had been stuck there for days. Meet Batgirl and her rescuer Shaun! Batgirl the cat snuck out of the house one day and found herself stuck in a tall maple tree. Shaun Sears, a rescuer of Canopy Cat Rescue shares the story on Facebook: “BatGirl ...

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They May Just Be Part Lion1

They May Just Be Part Lion

They May Just Be Part Lion These kitties grow a stunning winter mane and look absolutely magnificent. They may just be part lion! Around this time of the year, these fluffy cats’ lion mane starts to manifest. It looks as if they are growing a stunning natural scarf that goes from the face outwards. The fluff seems to just go on forever. ...

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When He Discovers His Reflection1

When He Discovers His Reflection

When He Discovers His Reflection Ever since Caesar the cat discovered his reflection in the mirror, he can’t help but admire that cute little face. He knows he looks good :). Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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Part of Husky Pack4

Part Of Husky Pack

Part Of Husky Pack Rosie the rescue kitty was saved by a husky who changed her life forever! Now the kitty thinks she’s part husky and is living her life in a pack with her canine buddies. Rosie the kitten was found when she was 3 weeks old. Lilo the Husky dog took to her when she was very sick and brought ...

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